Machines for in-site crankshaft grinding & in-site milling

-In-site grinding of crankpins from D150mm to D600mm.
If the crankpins are greatly worn they will be milled with a tool or cutter and then ground. The rods may require rebuilding after grinding.

-Rebuilding of engine support bearing sleeves. Inspection of sleeves for cracks.
Micrometric inspection of journals. Laser check of bearing sleeve concentricity.
treatment of support bearing faces. Installation an tightening of cylinder block. Installation of rod. Alignment of rod. Treatment of support bearing sleeves and restoration to their original dimensions.

-In-site milling of block face – sleeve – cover.
In-site milling of cylinder surface at sleeve seat.
In-site milling of cylinder head at sleeve seat.
In-site milling of sleeve surfaces in contact with the cylinder and the head.

-Conical milling of crank throw at rod seat.
In-site milling of rudder stock holes at the rudder plate.
Replacement of rudder bolts with oversize bolts.

-In-site milling of main engine reducer bearing journals.
Disassembly of reducer. Tightening of cover. Installation and alignment of rod. Milling of bearing sleeves to oversize. Milling and installation of rings.

-In-site milling of flywheel to crankshaft holes.
Alignment of flywheel with the crankshaft. Tightening. Installation of in situ hole milling machines. Milling and installation of oversize bolts.

-In situ milling of V-Bracket
Removal of old V-Bracket where necessary. Manufacturing of new. Welding.
Installation of in situ lathe on V-Bracket. Laser alignment of V-Bracket with the funnel.
Milling of V-Bracket.

-Sleeve Honic